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Jun 2007

“You Go Too into My Vineyard!”
A Zeal For Lost Souls
When Clouds Gather What can a Parent Do?
More Words from  Workers in His Vineyard
A Saint for Our Times and Our Prodigals
Give Thanks!  Good News!  You told us… 

Jan 2007 the breaking of the bread
Lord, to Whom Shall We Go?
Be Still and Know That I Am God
Give Thanks!  Good News!  You told us…
Why Do You Pray the Rosary?
Come to Me/ Could You Watch One Hour With Me?

Jun 2006

Share the Good News!
What Could I Ever Do?

Where Two or More are Gathered . . .

A Saint For Those Who Trust and Wait
From the Editor ...Jun 2006

Jan 2006
God Writes Straight on Crooked Lines By Joan Fong
To Live In Peace
  by Becky Hund
Ten Ways to Praise the Lord by Bob Gardner
Holding On To God’s Hand by Jane Stucker
Tell Someone Who Cares by Carole O’Hara
Give Thanks! Good News! You told us…
From the Editor:  "Out of the clear, blue sky"

 Jun 2005
Wrap Everything in Prayer?
Inside A Prayer Group  by Jane Stucker
God’s Phone Number by MaryAnn Gardner
"Jesus, Please Stop This Storm." by MaryAnn Gardner
Ask and You Shall Receive…
All in God’s Plan  
By Bob Gardner
Of Babies, and Boxes, and Breakfast Prayers  By Becky Hund

Jan 2005
“HELP!  I Can’t find a  Silent Strength Group in My Area!”  By MaryAnn Gardner

My Thoughts on the Rosary  by Susan Supplee
My Thoughts on the Way of the Cross  by Vicki Currie