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Pray for Prodigals


20 years Celebration Mass
Everyone Invited
Bring Family and Friends



"Do Whatever He Tells You."
                                       John 2:5
"Our Lady of Sorrows" is the work of Jay Crisafulli
and is used here with permission.

Our Lady of

Pray for Us.

Origin of Marian Mantle

Prayers for Prodigals Series
For those who pray for the return of loved ones to the Catholic Faith.

Join Us
as we pray together
for the return of our children.

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We will NEVER contact your prodigal!
We will never share any of your personal information without your permission.

We pray and reach out to those who pray for a child or loved one who is a lapsed Catholic, a fallen-away Catholic, a non-practicing Catholic, or whatever name is used for those who no longer attend Mass and receive the Sacraments.  Whether you call them a lapsed Catholic, a fallen-away Catholic, or a non-practicing Catholic, there is much hurt when someone you love becomes a prodigal Catholic and turns from the Faith.