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 "Do whatever He tells you."   Jn 2:5

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Please note:  Guests sometimes post prayers which have been meaningful to them personally. Claims of healing or claims of prayers answered carry only the word of the person contributing the prayer.   Unless so indicated, they should not be assumed to have been granted an Imprimatur.

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Hang it On the Cross Carol
I would like to share this poem by Lisa O. Engelhardt.

If you have a secret sorrow, a burden or a loss, An aching need for healing
Hang it on the Cross.
If worry steals your sleep, And makes you turn and toss, If your heart is feeling heavy
Hang it on the Cross.
For Christ has borne our brokenness, and dearly paid the cost, To turn our trials to triumph
Hang it on the Cross.

Grandmother's Prayer Bernadine 
Prayer written by Grace.  Our grateful thanks to her for permission to reprint here.

Infant Jesus and Mary our Queen and Mother, we come before you to place our grandchildren in your protective arms.  Shield them from the evil spirits and the worldliness that is all about them.  O Jesus, cover them with your precious blood.  We plead with you to grant them the graces to know their vocation you have chosen for them and the graces for them to follow it.  Send their guardian angels to protect them always.  St. Anne, Grandmother of the Infant Jesus, watch over our grandchildren.  We thank you. Amen.

Our ‘Work’ Is To Believe Karen

I have many pieces of paper from a book of daily Catholic devotions on my fridge and was typing them up onto a couple pieces of paper to have things a little neater.  While doing this I thought you might be interested in reading some of them. 

Quotes from Living Faith:

This is the work of God, that you believe in the one he sent. John 6:29 

Staying in control is important to us; it makes us feel safe.  But most of the things that happen to us are really beyond our control, and it is very frightening to realize how little control we actually have in our lives.

We would like to control salvation as well.  We think, “If I work hard enough, I can achieve heaven.”  And what could be more frightening than to think that our eternal future is beyond our control?

Followers of Jesus wanted to know what they should do to accomplish the work of God.  Jesus’ response was a bit surprising.  He said it is not so much what we do; rather, our first response is to believe.  Our “work” is to surrender ourselves to God.

God does the real work, if only we let him.  God is the one who is in control.  Our “work” is to let go of the illusion of control and surrender ourselves in faith to him.  Faith can be a very scary step.    ~Fr. Stephen J. Rossetti

We pray and reach out to those who pray for loved ones who are lapsed Catholics, fallen-away Catholics, prodigal Catholics, non-practicing Catholics, or whatever name is used for those who no longer attend Mass and receive the Sacraments.