"No priest, no Eucharist." 
We need our priests.  Our priests need our prayers.

The Marian Mantle Group is grateful for the kindness and spiritual support we receive from our church leaders. Please pray for all our priests, and  especially those listed below who are dear to us because of their encouragement to continue our mission.

Archbishop Joseph  Naumann
Archbishop James Keleher
Raymond Cardinal  Burke
Bishop Thomas Olmsted
Father Gary Penning
Father Miriyala Balachandra
Father Ned Blick
Father Frank Burger
Father Ron Cornish
Father Joe Eckberg
Father David Fontaine
Fr Nick Baker
Msgr. James Dawson
Father Thomas Hoisington
Father James Kubicki
Father David McEvoy
Msgr. Michael Mullen
Father Joseph Poplka
Father Michael Pelzer
Father Anthony Putti
Fr. John Rooney
Father Stuart Smelzer
Fr. Michael Stec
Fr. Andrew Strobl
Father Dennis Wait
Brother Joseph Alba

If there is a priest who has been supportive of your efforts
to pray for prodigal Catholics,
let us know so we can include him on this list.