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"Silent Strength" 2007 Schedule
Presenter: MaryAnn Gardner


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2007 Dates

Time Location For Information
Sep 29 1:00pm Our Lady of Guadalupe Church
Hutchinson, KS
Barbara at
Aug 25 call for informationn ACCW Convention
Sacred Heart Church
Tongonixie, KS
May 5 9:00am
 Rosary & Mass 8:00am
St Patrick Catholic Church
Kansas City, KS


April 25 following
Mass at 5:30 pm
Sacred Heart Church
Anthony, KS
St. Joan of Arc Parish of the Harper County Community
Phyllis at 620-842-3268 or
Apr 21 1:00 pm St. Joseph Catholic Church
Conway Springs, KS
Sally at 620-456-2403   or

Apr 20

7:30 pm State Convention,
Daughters of Isabella
Newton, KS
Jan 21 2:00 pm Sanctuary of Hope Retreat Center
2601 Ridge, Kansas City, KS
Julie at 913-321-4673