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"Silent Strength" 2006 Schedule
Presenter: MaryAnn Gardner


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2006 Dates

Time Location For Information
Mar 11 9:00am St Joseph the Workman Cathedral
La Crosse, WI
Sponsored by Catholic Daughters of the Americas for their joint meeting with the Deanery Council of Catholic Women
Mary at 608-785-7095
or Rita at 608-788-0010
Mar 19 2:00pm Mercy Sisters Lay Association
Independence, MO
MaryEllen at 816-254-8543
Apr 2 2:00pm Sanctuary of Hope Retreat Center
2601 Ridge, Kansas City, KS
Julie at 913-321-4673
May 3  7:15pm Lawrence Area Serra Club
Lawrence, KS

We pray and reach out to those who pray for loved ones who are lapsed Catholics, fallen-away Catholics, prodigal Catholics, non-practicing Catholics, or whatever name is used for those who no longer attend Mass and receive the Sacraments.