The 5th Joyful Mystery

The Finding of the Child Jesus
in the Temple

For the word of the Lord is right, and all his
works are done with faithfulness. Psalm 32:4

Is Jesus With You?

God had entrusted Him to her care,
This child of extraordinary destiny.
Now he was missing!
She trusted Godís providence,
But, being a mother, she searched,
Anxiously asking of each traveler
"Do you know my son?
Is Jesus with you?"

Returning to the temple
Her aching heart turned joyful
As she found him unharmed, unhurried,
Talking with the elders.

With a motherís concern she asked,
"Son, we were so worried.
Why did this happen?"

She did not understand the answer


"I must be about my Fatherís work."
But, in faith, she accepted His words.

The Divine had called
And a Fatherís work was chosen
Over a motherís care.
Her human heart ached for belonging.
His Divine mission required detachment.
To honor His earthly parents
He must first honor His Eternal Father.

From your pain, Dear Mary,
May we come to understand
That love sometimes means loss,
That joy of reunion erases
Pain of separation,
That life is a gift,
And God will make a way
If we search for one.

May we always be found
In the temple of Godís plan,
Listening for His voice.
Ready to reply
When Mary asks,
"Do you know my Son?
Is Jesus with you?"

Copyright© MaryAnn Gardner 2004, All rights reserved. Do not reproduce without written permission from the copyright holder.