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"Do whatever He tells you."   Jn 2:5

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Marian Mantle Catalog

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Two new DVD Series from the MMG

"The Marian Mantle Group Presents"

an ongoing series of informative talks for those interested in learning more about the Catholic Faith,and especially for those praying for a loved one's return to it.

We begin our series with talks given by Father Andrew Strobl, Associate Pastor at Prince of Peace Catholic Church in Olathe, Kansas in the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas

"The Prayers for Prodigals" Series

a series of prayers, written from the heart of a hurting mother, specifically for those who pray for the return of a loved one to the practice of the Catholic Faith

The first booklet of the much loved "Prayers for Prodigals Series" is now on DVD!

The Real Presence

You will enjoy listening to Father Andrew as he talks about the reality of finding the living Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.

Suggested Donation - $10

The Real Presence also available in audio CD.  Suggested Donation - $5

The Way of the Cross: for the Return of Our Children to the Practice of the Catholic Faith

Scriptures and music accompanied by powerful meditations on Jesus' Passion and Death written from the heart of a mother who has felt the pain of having a grown child cease to practice the Catholic Faith.

Both English and Spanish versions on the same DVD.  Audio Narration in English only.

Suggested Donation - $10

Bible Study with Father Andrew Strobl

In the summer of 2010, Father Andrew led a series of Bible study sessions. This DVD set chronicles three of them. Father Andrew’s knowledge and unique speaking style make for an informative and entertaining look at some of the major beliefs of the Catholic Faith, complete with scriptural references and modern day examples.

DVD titles in this set: ♥ Mary and the Saints   ♥ The Eucharist  ♥ Penance and Purgatory
Suggested Donation - $25

Bible Study also available in 3-disc audio CD set.  Suggested Donation - $15


Coming soon on DVD:
Rosary Novena to Our Lady of Sorrows:  For the Return of our Loved Ones to the Practice of the Catholic Faith
This booklet is already available
 in a 2 audio CD set.
Coming soon on DVD:
A Parents Litany: For the Return of our Loved Ones to the Practice of the Catholic Faith